Want to be part of our team? Here's How!

How to Submit Music:

  • Submit a download link, or a link to your website to review using our "Submit Music Now” button above.
  • We are open to all genres.
  • Do not submit music that contains samples.
  • Do not submit cover songs.
  • You must own and exclusively control all publishing and master rights.
  • If you’re submitting music for possible inclusion into our Background Instrumental catalog, please make sure that your tracks have a distinct ending. Do not send tracks that fade out.

How do you get my music placed?

  • We maintain close working relationships with music supervisors, editors, ad agencies and production companies. We find out what music they need and provide customized playlists specifically for their productions. Where additional music is needed, we may contact you directly to request more music. Obviously, if we're able to provide the client with the type of track(s) they're looking for, there's a very good chance your music may end up in the productions.

How do I make money with DL Music?

  • Sign up with DL Music as a Background Instrumental Composer, an Indie Artist, or both!
  • If we sign you up as a Background Instrumental Catalog Composer, you retain 100% of your writers' share of performance income. You'll be paid your writers' share directly by your Performance Rights' Society (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc). DL Music retains publishing and master rights.
  • If we sign you up as an Indie Artist, license fees are split 50/50. You retain 100% ownership of the writers' and publishers' interest in your songs, along with 100% of your writers' share and 50% of the publishers' share of performance income. We receive a 50% administrative share of the publishing income.