A wide variety of licensing options, flexible terms, and combination packages.

Background Instrumentals

Background Instrumental music is pre-cleared for worldwide, in perpetuity and all media usage.

You can license our Background Instrumental music on a per cue basis or under a blanket usage agreement.

PER CUE - Per Cue Usage is where one or more music cues are licensed individually on a per project title basis.

BLANKET USAGE - A Blanket License gives you unlimited usage of our entire Background Instrumental Catalog and new releases under one license for a particular project, series, or term limit. A Term Limit blanket license allows you to use our complete Background Instrumental catalog for all of your productions for a specific period of time.

Unique combination licensing packages are available to help increase productivity and lower costs such as Background Instrumental catalog with Original Score or Composer Support with a blanket usage Background Instrumental license.

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