Chris Williams

Chris Williams

Chris Williams is a talented composer and multi-instrumentalist living in Charleston, SC. He creates music in a range of styles from Rock and Pop to Electronica and Techno.

Chris studied at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA and has performed all over the country with some of the greatest musicians in the world including the renowned jazz artist Norman Brown.

Chris has recorded seven instrumental albums and has over 700 published pieces of music. His music can be heard on hit shows such as The Walking Dead, MTV’s Catfish and Toddlers And Tiaras on TLC, along with other great shows on NBC, CBS, ABC, HBO, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

Chris says, “Music inspires me all the time…groups like Explosions In The Sky. I really love the emotion that they put into their music… My biggest influence, as a guitar player, is Joe Satriani. It was through him that I found my passion for a great melody.”