Liridon Ademi


Liridon Ademi

Liridon Ademi (aka Donnyonit) is a talented composer and producer from the great state of Illinois.

Liridon comes from an accomplished family of musicians. His cousin Duli is a famous Albanian singer; one of his uncles is the drummer at Grupi Muzikor Dardania, an Albanian rock band from Chicago; and another uncle is a local festival singer in Chicago. Liridon says he wants to break the trend of singers in the family by becoming the first music producer!

Music was natural for Liridon growing up. His mother often jokes that he was born making "weird and obnoxious" noises. Following a scare at 9 years old after almost burning his house down trying to use the igniter on the stove as a metronome, Liridon discovered his true calling was music.

Liridon mainly produces Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, and Reggaeton, but also loves Country, Classic Rock, EDM, and Eastern European music. His diverse upbringing (his family is Albanian from Ex- Yugoslavia) and being raised in both rural and urban areas of the United States exposed him to many forms of music.