Featured Composer: Fin Johnston

Hello, my name is Fin Johnston. I’m a keyboardist, hammondist, bassist, composer, arranger and producer. I grew up in a small town south of Chicago and began playing at age nine. I moved to Los Angeles in 1979 and have had the honor to perform and/or record with some of LA’s finest musicians over the last 35 years. My strong suit and main objective is to make things musical, soulful, purposeful and have one main focus……to groove.

Bringing the old school into the right now is a delicate balance. I’m still evolving, always looking to add to my palette. You can expect a mix of Jazz, R & B, Soul, Funk, Blues and even Latin. Some of my musical influences are Herbie Hancock, Tower of Power, George Duke, Ramsey Lewis and Stevie Wonder and many others.

I’ve been writing and producing music at Indabak Studio in West Hills, California since 2003, I’ve been either recording other artists, doing tracks for various composers projects or producing my own music. Early in my career I wrote jingles and music beds for companies like Coors Light, Shands Hospital, Volkswagen of Mexico, Safelight Skylight and The Gap..

Currently, I’m producing musical cues for TV shows like “The Price Is Right”, “Let’s Make A Deal”, “Style Network”, “Comedy Central”, “Toddlers and Tiaras” and others.

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