Featured Composer: David Volmer

Dave grew up in Orange County California and became obsessed with the Classic Rock albums of his parents at a young age. He learned the guitar at age 12 and spent most of his free time jamming with friends or surfing. After high School he joined a band with his friends called “All the Madmen” which played mostly original 70’s style glam rock and punk rock playing weekly in OC, LA and San Diego through out the 90’s. After years of recording in studios he began to learn to produce music on his own playing most of the instruments and becoming proficient with DAW’s and synthesizers to broaden his musical range.

In 2011 while working as a video editor he realized after listening to tracks from various music libraries that it was time to take a crack at production music. To date, Dave has licensed only a handful of tracks but feels like he is only getting started and has high hopes for the future.

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