Featured Composer: Andrew Krause & P.G. Banker

Andrew Krause

Andrew Krause, also known as Dru, is a musician working out of San Diego. He is an instructor and producer specializing in electronic music at recording studio, Studio West. In 2012, he earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree, with honors, in Music with an emphasis in Classical Composition. Throughout Dru’s college career, he performed and wrote music with local bands.

From his involvement in recording music, Dru began studying Audio Engineering and in 2015, he began his production alias D.R.U. Under this alias, he has made official remixes and songs for featured vocalists. Most notably, Dru produced an electronic remix for Grammy nominees, the Nappy Roots.

Andrew has also been writing cue music for television and has been featured on MTV, E!, Bravo and Discovery. He and Peter Van Gordon Banker (PG) met in 2015 at the Taxi Road Rally, and have been writing music together ever since.


P.G. Banker

P.G. is a songwriter, Logic Pro certified engineer and music producer whose music has been featured on networks such as CBS Sports, MTV, VH1, E! Entertainment, Animal Planet, Big Ten Network (BTN) and WEtv among others. As a writer, some highlights include co-writing music for the 2012 Coca-Cola Olympic commercial and writing the theme song for the short documentary Mountain Man, winner of the 2011 Yosemite International Film Festival Silver Sierra Award.

P.G. studied music composition at King’s College in London, England and received his BA degree from Boston College. In 2009, he graduated from the SAE Institute of Technology where he studied audio engineering with legendary British composer & producer, Alan Shacklock.

P.G. has worked with various brands licensing music for TV and radio advertising campaigns, including: Coca-Cola, Walmart, Purina, Chili’s, Verizon, Cracker Barrel and Prilosec among others. He engineered and produced the album “It’s My Song Dammit” released by singer songwriter Tim O’Connell whose song, “A Singer of Songs”, was recorded by Johnny Cash and released posthumously. P.G. also co-produced and mixed the audio for the environmental documentary “Toxic Soup”.

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